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Conway the Machine & Wun Two, the amazing singer-songwriter, has unveiled this latest single titled, “Cosca” which is available on this website for free Mp3 (audio) Download, Lyrics and Music Video.

This track is a captivating glimpse into the recently released album, “PALERMO“. Cosca weaves a spellbinding tale of self-discovery and liberation, carried by Conway the Machine & Wun Two' haunting vocals and impeccable production.

With a blend of folk, indie, and electronic elements, this song is an emotional journey that lingers long after the final note. Conway the Machine & Wun Two' artistry shines through, offering a glimpse of what promises to be an extraordinary album. Don't miss out—immerse yourself in “Cosca” now and experience the magic of this music!

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Conway the Machine & Wun Two – Cosca Lyrics

[Intro: Conway the Machine]
It's that time, yeah

[Verse: Conway the Machine]
Uh, bro you got your strap, I got mines (Got mines)
We 'bout to spin on them niggas, it's that time ( get them niggas tonight)
I ain't goin' for shit, nigga (Nothin' at all)
Fuck around, get a hole in your shit, nigga (Boom, brrrt)
Fuck around and get a hole in your shit, nigga (Brrrt)
And the bitches know I'm the shit, nigga (Ha)
They look at my neck, they know I'm a rich nigga (You see the bags)
Uh, plain-Jane Richard on the wrist, nigga (Uh-huh)
A half a ticket for the whip, nigga (Most these niggas can't compete)
I lose it all, I'll get it back with my wrist, shit (With what)
But goin' broke, that thought don't even exist in my mind (Nah)
I'ma get it with the stove (Huh), I'ma split it with the bros
Y'all get a bag and spend it with the hoes (Bitch-ass niggas)
Thеy thought they had the drop, but a nigga on his toes
Got switchеs on the Glocks, bro gon' hit em with the pole (Fuck them niggas up, bro)

[Outro: ]
Another backwood so I can take the pain away (Take the pain away)
I see you niggas over there hatin', pussy, better stay in your lane (Your lane, your lane)
Roll another backwood so I can take the pain away (Roll up)
I hear you niggas over there mumblin', nigga, stay in your lane (Your lane)
Your lane (Your lane)
My nigga

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